Ethereum iOS DevKit hands-on workshop


This hands-on workshop will follow the official announcement of iOS DevKit at Devcon conference.

We will shortly recap what is DevKit about (for those who didn't catch Josef's talk at Devcon) and then get into the funny part - how to use it. We will show how to build an iOS app that uses Ethereum smart contracts under 1 hour.

Feel free to bring your own MacBooks and code with us.


Josef Gattermayer

Co-founder  •  Ackee

Josef is a co-founder of Ackee, leading Czech mobile development studio. Josef has also a doctorate (Ph.D. title) from the Czech Technical University in Prague, his area of research was distributed computing - as he calls it "blockchain before it was cool to call it blockchain".

Marek Fořt

iOS Developer  •  Ackee

Marek is one of the iOS Ethereum DevKit team members at Ackee.


Thursday, 1 November @ 17:00-22:00