The Dai 'Dappy' Hour #cryptolife Prague Edition


What to expect?

Get ready for a true pirate experience on a boat, enjoying cheap and rummy drinks!

Get 1 drink for 1 Dai during the MakerDAO's Dai Dappy Hour

How does it work:

  • 1. At the door, pull up your wallet and show us that you have at least 1 Dai.
  • 2. Enter the bar and order your drinks from bartenders.
  • 3. Pay by sending Dai to the QR code pictured on posters around the bar/ or directly to our party staff!

Help others get dappy too!

All Dai proceeds will go to the BEN, Blockchain Education Network, to help engage and educate the public about blockchain.

RVSP to secure your spot & see you aboard :)


Sunday, 28 October @ 18:00-20:30


Ship Captain Morgan
Náplavka, 128 00, Prague

More information

Cost: Free Website