Party Train from Web3 Summit to Devcon4


Web3 Summit attendees traveling to Devcon are invited to join the Web3 Summit to Devcon 4 PARTY TRAIN!

We are riding Deutsche Bahn from Berlin (Hauptbahnhof) to Prague (Praha hlavní nádraží), departing 11:19 and arriving 15:24 on 29 September.

{ "Buy your train ticket here": "" }

{ "Make sure to get your Web3 Summit ticket here (reduced ticket prices for devs, researchers and students)": "" }

{ "We will not have the entire train, so wear your Web3 Summit or project's tee-shirt and join the Telegram group to see where your fellow journey-goers are": "" }

{ "In the spirit of decentralization, if you would like to arrive in Prague early to attend the Status Hackathon or Ethereum Magicians, we suggest you take @avsa's forked train, departing Berlin on the 25th. Details here": "" }

See you in Berlin (and then in Prague!)



Monday, 29 October @ 11:00-15:00

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Cost: Free Website